2003 KDX 220r suspension Setup?

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2003 KDX 220r suspension Setup?

Postby tricasey » 10:25 am Feb 23 2009

Bought a 2003 KDX 220r for trail riding and hitting some track with my son, just basically goofing off and having some fun. Now I'm loving it and want to get the most out of the suspension.
I'm right at about 160lbs with gear, maybe a little more, but I need a good general start at setting up my suspension. Where to I start? I would like it to work well in all conditions in the woods as well as hitting the track for a little bit of fun with my son. I guess I need a good starting point? It's still set up from the factory I believe?
Also, manual calls for a 32:1 mix....I've leaned it to a 36:1 for now with Ams/dominator..........any help with this ratio?

Thanks in advance.

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Postby MXOldtimer » 12:07 pm Feb 23 2009

Suspension setting are like picking out shoes. What feels good to you I'd probably hate. The best way is to start at the mid settings, ride, taking note, click a couple up/down, take note, move up/down, play with your clickers until you get something you like.
The reason you want to get familiar with the clickers and how they effect the handling of the bike is you'll want to change from area to area. You wont want the same setting for a slow tight woods ride as you want for a fast whooped out desert ride. Play with your clickers you wont hurt anything just remember your starting points. Another thing to remember is, when you change one end it will alter the other.

The back isn't bad you'll need to set the sag then play with the clickers to get the ride "your" looking for.

The forks uuuuugggghhhhhhh, simply, they suck! What you can do is waste $'s for some new springs, waste even more $'s on a re valve for the stock forks, play with oil heights but eventually if you want a good ride from the forks you'll do as most and replace the forks with some USD (125/250 KX/KXF etc.) forks. The swap is a night and day comparison and not a difficult job if you have a few mechanical marbles.

Lean'n out your oil ratio isn't doing you any good, you need to learn to jet your bike. You can run 16-1 or 50-1 and it'll run great as long as your jetting is correct.

The KDX's are good little bikes with tons of potential.
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