Stiffer springs or kx front end?

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Stiffer springs or kx front end?

Postby Grayhorse » 10:32 pm Dec 05 2005

I've already went to heavier springs once, now I need more front end suspension should I just go with another heavier spring or the higher dollar kx front end swap?
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Postby fulltiltboogie » 10:53 pm Dec 05 2005

Do you have Gold Valves? One up in spring rate really makes a noticeable difference.
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Postby Indawoods » 12:10 am Dec 06 2005

The KX frontend gives you gains that the KDX frontend cannot without heavy modification.

Stiffer than any KDX forks
Rebound adjustments stock
Little or no underhang
Stabilizer has more effect on the stiffer frontend

I never said that there was anything wrong with the KDX frontend, just that there were many advantages to swapping to a KX frontend and all for about the same price as modifying the KDX forks.
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Postby canyncarvr » 02:14 pm Dec 06 2005

My opinion..based on what I like, where/how I ride: Change to the KX frontend now..spend your money on getting that done as opposed to revalving and further messing with your KDX forks.

It depends on what matters to you. Some things you will never get rid of on the KDX forks (underhang) regardless of what you spend on modifying them. Some have said that underhang is hardly ever a problem so why bother? WAS a problem to me..usually...on most rides.

I don't have that problem now...PLUS the advantages Inda already mentioned.

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