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Rocky Mountain thumbs up

Postby osobad » 08:40 am Sep 11 2011

Just wanted to share with you guys the exceptional service from them. Last weekend I ordered some misc. things from them. Some I needed for this weekend. Their sight offerd free 3 day shipping if over 99.00. I made sure my order was over that. Everything was tracking fine all week for a friday delivery when on thursay I noticed UPS had rescheduled for monday. Usally this is no big deal especially scince it was free. But I was counting on several of the items for this weekend. I called Rocky MT and told them of the situation and they overnighted me a complete new order at no charge and will pay for the shipping back of the original order if it can't be called back. To me this goes a long way for taking care of their customers and this wasn't their fault. UPS was having problems of some sort. I will be a loyal customer of theirs even when they may be a little higher than someone else ( which I have not seen yet) if they have what i need. We seem to always hear about the complaints so I thought I would share my experience and encourage others to use these people when you can
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Postby skythrasher » 10:56 am Sep 11 2011

I have had nothing but great service from Rocky Mountain. My latest issue was with a new pair of $500 Gaerne SG-12 boots. To make a long story shorter here is a copy of the thank you email I sent them.

They are definitely the best mail order house that I have dealt with.

The others wonder why they are playing catch up to RM/ATV, well it isn't just about the price.

I just wanted to send you a note and let you know how pleased I am with your operation.

Riding motorcycles is an activity that creates strong ties between good people. Relationships between friends and riding partners are close knit, and often have a strong likeness to family. I am proud to consider Rocky Mountain MC, my "Riding Partner".

I recently had an issue with a pair of boots that I had purchased. After owning the boots for only four months the glued on portion of the soles started to separate. The soles came loose from the rear of the boot, and it was easy to see that this was a manufacturing defect. This problem was noticed on a Saturday ride and I went home very disappointed in my new "top of the line" boots.

I placed a call to the manufacturer on Monday morning and while polite, they were not very helpful. They quickly told me to send pictures via email so they could forward them to Italy, and I would have to wait for them to determine what, if anything, they would be able to do to remedy the situation. The person with which I spoke was not at all interested in the how, why, or what happened. I was left feeling like I had made a poor decision in purchasing this product.

Rocky Mountain to the rescue!

I decided I would call Rocky Mountain and ask them what I could, or should do with these boots. I called and spoke on the phone with Trey. Trey took the time to listen to what the problem was, and seemed to genuinely care about my situation and the fact that something needed to be done. Trey asked me to send some photos to the warranty department and they would get the ball rolling. Trey actually even apologized for my misfortune, and assured me that it was something very out of the ordinary, and unusual. Trey said he was not sure what the warranty department would be able to do, but they would do everything possible to make things right.

The next day Trey called and told me that the warranty department had informed him that the boots would be replaced. He asked me if I still had the ride planned for Saturday and if I needed the boots by them. He said he would make sure they got here no later than Friday. He emailed me a shipping label and said he would be happy to ship out the new pair and let them cross in the mail. I could not have been any happier with the outcome. I really like these boots and am glad that I will have another pair. I expect they will be fine and last a long time.

I realize that, every now and then, things happen. I am a little disappointed in the manufacturer for not being more concerned about the performance of their "top of the line" product. I am extremely impressed with how quickly Rocky Mountain jumped in and took care of the problem. A problem that was completely out of their control.

It is comforting to know that this level of service still exists in an age when customer service is taking a back seat to volume, and margins.

Rocky Mountain has definitely hit the mark. If you sell it, I know where I will buy it.


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Postby Velocity_Stack » 11:14 pm Sep 12 2011

RMATV rocks!

I never put myself on a deadline needed parts, but they still rock!

So far, the seem to have everything I need for my KDX.
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Postby Coop » 06:15 am Sep 14 2011

I buy a lot from RMATV and have only ever had one bad experience. One time I paid for 2 day shipping and it took 4 days, but they blamed it on UPS. Other than that they have been great and I still head there first when looking for parts.
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