Bike won't start without silencer...

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Bike won't start without silencer...

Postby barncat » 06:30 am Nov 02 2010

Is this normal? I haven't got my silencer yet, but went out to start the bike. It's been sitting for around a month, so I thought I'd start it up.

After 15-20 kicks, I gave up. This thing usually starts on first kick.

I then got to thinking about the KIPS Valve. will this start without the silencer?
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Postby Julien D » 09:49 am Nov 02 2010

Yes, it will start without a silencer. I can't advise doing so though.
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Postby Tedh98 » 10:10 am Nov 02 2010

I've never tried, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't start. Probably wouldn't run too well.

If it sat for a month, I'd guess that the carb got gummed up.

As usual, check for spark, then check for fuel delivery.
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