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Postby marrk_us » 01:52 pm Nov 12 2009

Just a thought if she ends up liking the little ttr230. Here's a project i've just started. A ttr230 with 93kdx front end on it. They use the same upper and lower bearing kit, all thats required is a spacer on top of the top steering stem bearing and an internal spacer to shorten the forks about 3/4 of an inch to maintain proper balance. The pic shows an xr250 rear shock being test fitted but I found a works shock on ebay for $100 so I used it instead. I'm also installing an 87 tt225 bottom end to lose the weight of the battery and electric starter, as the tt225 kick starts as easily as my kdx. Its going to be a buddy bike for a female friend. With the suspension upgrade and lower weight it should handle great but without the snappy power of the kdx and extra weight of the starter/battery, she has a habit of getting in over her head too with the kdx power! It should end up at about 215lbs.

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Postby bcdonyo » 05:46 pm Nov 13 2009

Your TTR looks like a cool project.

After she road the 230 yesterday she was a little disappointed in the suspension, no surprise. She said the KDX spoiled her. I've thought about slapping the KDX forks onto the ttr when I do my KX swap and maybe getting a works shock like yours.

Or, just let her get tired of it stock, sell it and get a 220 or maybe an xr250.

Anyway she's having fun now, and will be less likely to get hurt on the blue slug.
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