Oil Soot From Baffle.

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Oil Soot From Baffle.

Postby jafo » 09:18 pm May 01 2005

OK, I know I can't be the only one with this problem, but I get an excessive amount of that black oil soot out of the baffle. It's so bad that it runs down the full length of the baffle and drips onto the swing arm. It's getting rather annoying. So whats the deal? Why's it do this? It did'nt do it on my old '84 KDx and I mixed the fuel/oil ratio the same @ 32:1 ratio. The plug is alittle dark but nothing that jumps out at you saying it's way to rich. The bike runs great, and I'm going to drop the jetting after it warms up and stays that way. What can I do to get this fixed, any ideas? My baffle does'nt seem to be "baffling" the sound very well anymore either, it has deffinitley gotten louder.
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Postby Indawoods » 09:29 pm May 01 2005

You got spooge.... very normal... most try to jet it out. You might have a rich pilot or may need to drop the needle one. You may also need to repack you silencer, it may have become saturated with oil.

After I got RB'd... my spooge went away. It's all in the jetting.
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Postby quailchaser » 10:14 pm May 01 2005

I second the silencer repack and jetting. :mrgreen:
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Postby Jason » 11:04 pm May 01 2005

Me three. Check your jetting for the richness, and check your packing in the silencer / spark arrestor.
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