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old fuel

Postby danfree » 10:31 am Apr 25 2007

When I received this bike, it came with a full tank and 5 gals of premixed fuel. After my initial test ride, I wanted to do some much needed maintenance. In the meantime, I have all this fuel just sitting around. Would it be harmful to use some in my lawn mower? How about adding a few gallons to my auto's tank. Will the oil harm the fuel injectors? When I get the bike back together, I want to start out with fresh fuel. That may take a couple more weeks.
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Postby canyncarvr » 11:15 am Apr 25 2007

Either or.

Lawnmower is good.

Your auto is good.

What is 'old'? If it 'came with', guess you may have no idea, in which case the best insurance for 'no damage' to anything is to get rid of it.

Out west...where we can still do one or two things NOT under Big Government supervision (not that its legal..it's just 'They' aren't WATCHING), I'd use it to start a brush debris pile fire. All due caution advised, of course. Gasoline makes things go B-O-O-M when you least expect it (most always, that is).

Not that that is always a bad thing... :wink:

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Postby Mr. Wibbens » 04:57 pm Apr 25 2007

To save myself the worry of whether or not I mixed my gas or not, I put premix in all my gas cans, even the gas for my mower. I've had my mower for seven years and I'm still on the original plug :?

I'm not too sure gas really goes bad anymore ??

My KDX sat for 1 year and 5 months with the same old gas in it. Cleaned the carb and she started right up. Rode it, on that gas no problem.

I have a '73 Harley X90. It's been in storage for seven years , still had gas in the tank. Took seven kicks to fire it up a few weeks ago
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