shift lever position

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shift lever position

Postby danfree » 10:03 am Apr 23 2007

The shift lever is about 2" below the peg level. It doesn't look bent. I guess it could be the previous owner's preference, but was wondering if that was normal. I looked in the site's gallery, but still could not determine what is 'right'. Is there a disadvantage to have the shift lever even with the footpeg?
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Postby scheckaet » 10:30 am Apr 23 2007

Personaly I don't like it when it's almost flush with pegs. It is easy to down shift BUT makes it really hard to upshift cuz you have to squeeze your toes between the peg and the shifter. A PITA and it's dangerous. I raised mine so that I can upshift without pointing my toes down
Hope that made sense
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Postby IdahoCharley » 10:49 am Apr 23 2007

I think it is a personnal preference thing. If you sit far forward and do a lot of slow technical climbs the position will differ from someone riding primarly on dunes where your weight is on the rear. Also boot size and normal foot placement on the pegs plays a role. Do you ride with ball of foot on pegs? or do you ride with the under arch of your foot on the pegs? Wear a size 8 boot or wear a size 13? What is confortable to you and doesn't cause you to miss shifts is key in my opinion.
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Postby KarlP » 10:50 am Apr 23 2007

I find it really depends how you ride. If you mostly sit or mostly stand, I think you'll find it needs to be in a different position. I couldnt find a good compromise so I set it "low" and bent it up a bit.

Put it where it works best for you, of course
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