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Master Link Question

Postby KDXSean » 12:58 pm Apr 18 2007

Just bought a new DID narrow "T-Ring" chain. Basically it's a narrow X-Ring.

The master link that came with the chain is a rivet connection, not the usual clip. Here's the link

Anybody got any experience with the rivet master link instead of a clip?

Seems like a PITA if you have to grind off the master to take the chain off.


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Postby 2001kdx » 01:34 pm Apr 18 2007

My friend has one on his YZ250F. I've never asked him about it, but I've noticed it. I'll have to ask.
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Postby kelasaki » 03:56 pm Apr 18 2007

A couple of pains with the rivet chain. The riveter tool to swage the pins, and having to grind it off to get the chain apart. You should be able to order a clip type master link from where you got the chain. And you were going to order a spare one for your tool pack anyway ... right? ;)
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Postby KarlP » 04:31 pm Apr 18 2007

I got one of those "accidentally". I didn't read the fine print when ordering the chain.

You know how the clips wear thin on a standard Master Link?

It has been fine. I don't see why I would need to break the chain until it is time to replace, I hope.

I beat the rivets flat against an anvil on the garage floor. It sure ain't coming off, but you may want to find a more dignified method.
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