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my stock handlebar dampers are shot

PostPosted: 10:58 am Jan 07 2007
by Sky.A
is there any aftermarket dampers ? urathane maybe? or any other suggestions

PostPosted: 03:00 pm Jan 07 2007
by canyncarvr
Why do you think they are 'shot'?

Mine are seven years fine.

There are other choices. Scotts makes a set. IMO they don't FIT, but they make a set. They are too small, allow the pedestals to tighten against the they don't DO anything. I have a set lying around (I think) if you want 'em.

I've looked only a little for suitable auto substitutes. Didn't find any that did NOT need to be 'reformed' some.

But..what's the problem?

PostPosted: 05:35 pm Jan 07 2007
by alistair
you can get alloy ones similar to this ... cts_id=156

i think that should work hopefully ,thats a local new zealand dealer

PostPosted: 08:30 pm Jan 07 2007
by quailchaser
Scott's and Applied make Kawi replacement cones. They are some sort of ___prene or ___thane (as in...not rubber or alum :lol: ) They are around $21, if I remember correctly.

PostPosted: 01:04 am Jan 08 2007
by Sky.A
my left bar cone is wriggling around tried to tighten but the cone is over deterioted and has play on that side

PostPosted: 08:57 am Jan 08 2007
by krazyinski
I replace mine every couple of years and the wear is noticeable comparing old to new. new is firm old is squishy. KX, KDX cones are same.

PostPosted: 10:37 am Jan 08 2007
by Green Hornet

PostPosted: 12:15 pm Jan 08 2007
by canyncarvr
Re: 'Scotts has them

Those are the cones I got that did not fit...too small.

QC: Do you know if Applied and Scotts units are the same?

I'd be all for some new cones myself...but NOT the aftermarket pieces I've seen.

I ran the Scotts cones for 1/2 a ride. Went BACK to the truck to change them out because they SUCKED! More buzz than NON-bushed bars.

Sky: Deteriorated on an '04? Wow. Must be all the UV over there in the islands...too much sun!!!

PostPosted: 12:53 pm Jan 08 2007
by Green Hornet
canyncarvr wrote:Re: 'Scotts has them

Those are the cones I got that did not fit...too small.

GREAT I have them sitting on my Bureau. I thought they looked tiny. ARGHHH

PostPosted: 01:01 pm Jan 08 2007
by Indawoods
That's what she said! :mrgreen:

PostPosted: 03:03 pm Jan 08 2007
by Sky.A
No its not the sun that wore um out. its crashing in these tight Hawaiian trails that did the job on my damper LOL

PostPosted: 03:51 pm Jan 08 2007
by Green Hornet
Indawoods wrote:That's what she said! :mrgreen:

Hey Vince BITE ME, BIG BOY :butthead: :grin:

PostPosted: 06:30 pm Jan 08 2007
by Kawinj
Try the Applied CR cones. They are denser, more of a nylon composite, have less squish factor and fit the stock set-up.

PostPosted: 06:58 pm Jan 08 2007
by quailchaser
canyncarvr wrote:
QC: Do you know if Applied and Scotts units are the same?

I have the ones Scott's sent with the Oversized bar mount kit when I ordered my damper. I had no issues on my KX.

I'd have to agree with Kawinj if the Scott's Kaw cones were too small. The Honda Cones will work fine. I put the Tag oversized honda bar mounts on the KDX with the OEM cones and it worked fine.

As far as whether the cones are the same from Scott's and Applied...your guess is as good as mine...but they look similiar in that they are cone shaped and made out of some sort of ___prene or ___thane. :lol: I've never compared them side by side.

PostPosted: 10:45 pm Apr 17 2007
by z1nonlyone
Hi, this is a great subject, I have a stock 05 220 and I notice that my "bars" appear bent after a monor tip over. (Daughters bike). I have Renthal "Twin Taper" bars and I know that they do not get bent. I loosen up the oversize mounts, (stock mounts and bars did the same thing) and I can force the bar back into position. I tighten up the mounts again and away I go. I am not feeling any "cushioning" or allowable movement in the bars at all. Am I overtightening them?? Are my tappered rubber cushions shot? Any good replacement ones?



PostPosted: 07:18 am Apr 18 2007
by mattR

I have had a set of these in for at least 3 years. Didn't notice any more vibration and the bars don't move like they did with the OEM cones.

Ended up getting the scotts also

PostPosted: 11:52 pm Apr 18 2007
by Sky.A
they look small but as you tighten them up they snug up just fine .And i love um now all I gotta do is let my ankle heal up so I can go ridding again

PostPosted: 11:59 pm Apr 18 2007
by z1nonlyone
thanks guys for the info! I just ordered a set and hope they work! I also sent my carb to RB Designs for his magic,,,I have heard that works also!