Clutchless shifting

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Clutchless shifting

Postby saddletramp » 05:57 pm Dec 18 2006

Someone brought this up briefly on a diff. post, anyways is there a correct way to up-shift w/o using the clutch. I tried this briefly on my last ride and it shifted great, really nice to be on the gas grabbing gears and not fussing with the clutch, but I don't want to damage my gear box.
Shifting down semmed a little abrubt obviously, so I did not continue that.

Thanks for the insight. :bravo:
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Postby md80drvr » 07:27 pm Dec 18 2006

Upshifting without the clutch will not harm the transmission if you unload the motor when you shift(i.e. blip the throttle when you shift). Never, ever downshift without using the clutch. This can prematurely cause the transmission to fail by bending parts and/or grinding parts. I've been upshifting without the clutch for over 10 years kdx/ktm and have never had a tranny problem. I also use type f fluid in the crankcase. Ride safe.
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Postby 2001kdx » 08:56 pm Dec 18 2006

but why? why not use the clutch? I grew up using the clutch so it's natural for me, especially when my father would say " you can do that when you buy your own bike." Is it that much of a nuisance?
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Postby Johnny » 08:56 pm Dec 18 2006

That's funny, because I've been reading a book by Gary Semics and this is what he says, "Some inexperienced riders use the clutch to downshift and then just hold it in while they brake the rest of the way into the corner. Using the clutch to downshift is not necessary. By leaving the clutch out while braking, the engines back pressure will make your braking smooth and steady. It is necessary to use the clutch when you upshift, becuase the transmission has torque on the gears from the power of the engine. But the gears are under little torque when the throttle is off and you are slowing down. "

So, based on his advice, I have not been using the clutch to downshift and using the clutch to upshift, whereas I used to do the opposite.

So what's right?????????
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Postby scheckaet » 09:09 pm Dec 18 2006

:pop: :pop:
note: I tried last week not to use the clutch (up and down) and...could not NOT use it, it's a reflex I don't even think about it. My problem is after hard riding (for me) my left hand gets really tired and i get sloppy when slipping the clutch in thight turns. So whoever give the best explaination will get my vote and another try.
I'll prolly do a mix of both: clutch in easy parts, no clutch (if I can) in thight trails :wink:
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Postby krazyinski » 08:39 am Dec 19 2006

do what you please as long as you don't force or grind the gears. there is nothing wrong with using the clutch up or down except you will be a little slower and harder on the brakes and tire,your cornering speed will suffer and you may find your self stuck searching for the right gear in the neutral basket.
of course utilizing the clutch while shifting with out the clutch (fanning or slipping the clutch) is the best use of the clutch in a shifting enviroment. I only over use the clutch when I am extremely tired and start loosing focus of what I am doing. shifting down not using the clutch and dragging the brakes through corners while getting back on the gas in and out of the apex is much faster than full clutch stomp the shifter down, full brake slide squaring off the corner approach is. You also almost never fall over because you found neutral.
you can even down shift clutch less going up hill if you have enough momentum to let off the gas for a second to click down one then fan or slip the clutch to keep traction and forward momentum.
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Postby AZRickD » 11:29 am Dec 19 2006

The book I'm now reading, "Pro Motocross and off-road riding techniques" by Donnie Bales and Gary Semics says downshifting w/o the clutch is fine but upshifting should be done with the clutch.

I still upshift w/o the clutch on ocassion if I can unload the throttle.

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Postby KanuckKDX » 01:20 pm Dec 19 2006

I am not the only one who finds himself going up a tough hill who needs to grab a gear in a hurry and simply kicks it down with no clutch. I clutch when possible and never clutch when I need to get on it in a hurry. but I try not to abuse the tranny unnecessarily. has anyone damaged a tranny doing what they do? No one I ride with has, but we're not racing either.
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Postby motorhed220 » 08:22 am Dec 20 2006

as long as your not screamin on the bike you should be fine...Its all in the RPM. Keep consistant and dont be too abrupt or to late...

For me, i clutch only when i need to down shift REALY REALLY fast and dont want to kill the tranny, and only clutch when shifting up if i wanna do a burnout or something.

I clutch the bike occasionally when shifting up, and when i do, if you time it right, you actually get more power and accelerate faster, so it seems. Just wat i find.

otherwise, i would shift up whenever you feel the bke starting to over rev, and i rary clutch it. DOwn shifting is different, just plan wht your goin to do ahaead of time on the trail, so you can start braking and shfting early.
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Postby fuzzy » 04:04 pm Dec 22 2006

DO a search....THis has been discussed to death. Basically....What they said. It's fine, but not under power. Under WOT you can just slip the cluch to 'powershift' This should only be done once you and your clutch/trans are 'one' with each other... :mrgreen:
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