90mph kdx?

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Postby UFS207 » 06:07 am Dec 18 2006

I took my '00 220 to an indicated 75 mph according to my garmix e-trex GPS. This was on a perfectly level asphalt road with a 110/100-18 rear tire, stock gearing, FMF Gnarly rev pipe and open airbox. It felt like it had a bit more left in it but I didn't have the heart to hold it at this speed for more than a few seconds. I could see someone doing 90+ with revised gearing and some engine work maybe.

As for the guy being an idiot for making the bike's topspeed a major selling point: In my experience one of the first questions out of a someone's mouth that is even remotely interested in dirtbikes is "how fast will it go???". You gotta play up to your prospective buyers. These are usually the same people that end up with brandnew 250/450 4 strokes and get smoked by kids on playbikes when the terrain tightens up. If you ride in public areas then I'm sure you've witnessed this at least 1000 times or so.

BTW: I'm pretty sure that speedo he has is this one right here: http://www.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/product.asp?pf_id=5036612&section_dept_id=2034885&dept_id=2034885&selection_path=2. I bought one for my XR250 a while back mainly for the odometer function. It is a pretty nice little unit that suppossedly will work with any japanese bike with a 21" front wheel that originally came with a trip-odometer.
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Postby canyncarvr » 01:40 pm Dec 18 2006

Top speed advertisement wasn't the only reason...

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Postby Green Hornet » 02:00 pm Dec 18 2006

Indawoods wrote:You have a 220 Hornet... BIG DIFFERENCE! :lol:

:butthead: :lol:
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Postby scheckaet » 02:12 pm Dec 18 2006

I used to have a 125 when I was on the other side of the big pond. I loved it but she did not like going WOT on the highway (top speed was about 75-80 mph)... fried 3 engines in 3 years and I was runnning everything stock. (this was my everyday street legal mode of transport)
So I guess it is possible to get a 200 with mod up to 90 mph. I don't know why you would, doesn't seem like it'd be very usefull on single track...In the desert maybe :?
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