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Postby Sky.A » 11:01 am Dec 11 2006

A friend of mine said that dropping teeth on the front sprocket as opposed to adding teeth on the rear to gear it down will make my bike rev out quicker. is this true? or should I opt for the stock front and larger rear currently have 12/50 on my bike and down here it 1st is still way to low and second is just a tad bit too high. but its way better then stock any input will be helpful TIA
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Postby Indawoods » 11:35 am Dec 11 2006

Your ratio is lower than anyone elses right now I believe. a 12/50 is LOW!
I don't think you can go lower in the front anyway.....
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Postby krazyinski » 02:09 pm Dec 11 2006

the trouble with dropping the front as low as you have and raising the rear is what you have. ratio is way off. try going up on the front 1 then down on the back 1. then if 2nd is to high with youre curent gearing, you could be suffering from power problems not gearing.
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Postby canyncarvr » 08:00 pm Dec 11 2006 is a ratio 'off'? You're referring to chain angles or something?

You're saying a 12/47 is somehow largely different' from a 13/50?

This part:
if 2nd is to high with youre curent gearing, you could be suffering from power problems not gearing. right on the money.

I don't know why you would want, and what good a 12/50 would be.

Allowing the engine to PULL against a gear is often a good thing. A bike that is running correctly and running against a bit too HIGH a gear will likely work much better than the same bike geared low. The low gear allows for a quick wheel-spin situation..and when that happens, you aren't going anywhere.
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Postby 2001kdx » 08:40 pm Dec 11 2006

I was actually thinking of running 14/47 when i get my woods pipe, that way i have a bit less wheelspin in the swampy areas, and a bit more top end pull on the fire roads and fields. What do you guys think i have to gain with a tooth extra bigger cs? For the record ive tried 12/47 and it made first gear useless. or at least more useless than it is now.
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Postby Colorado Mike » 08:50 pm Dec 11 2006

I run a 12/47 on my 220 torque meister, and 1st gear is still very useful. maybe you don't need to manuever big rocks and stuff though.

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Postby AZRickD » 09:18 pm Dec 11 2006

I'm running 13/50 with 110 tires. I can't imagine first gear being any lower and at times think about going to a taller ratio by dropping the rear to a 49 or 48. The 13/50 is great in rocks, though.

1st is still way to low and second is just a tad bit too high.

I also can't imagine second gear being too high with that ratio.

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