Suspension question.

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Suspension question.

Postby motorhed220 » 09:09 am May 01 2006

Hey guys, As of late i have been confronted with the fact, that a KDX with stock suspension, just doesnt cut it when it comes to track preformence.

So, I ask, What would be he best rear shock to by, by who and about how much should it cost, Candian if possible.

Oh and if i want KX inverted forks can i go through a dealer and get just the forks?

Does changin he forks require that much conversion work?

Do i have to get 2005 KX forks for a 2005 KDX? or can i buy standarge KX forks from Ptocircut or Showa? INverted of course....
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Postby bradf » 10:19 am May 01 2006

The shock is more than adequate for the KDX on it's intended "track" which is woods/off-road. If you have some wild dream of racing the KDX as an MX bike on an MX track, you would simply remove the KDX grips and put them on say...a KX250, then you would have an adequate MX bike for the MX track.

Ya might oughtta take the time to read through the many USD threads that answer this simple conversion proccess.

Any USD fork from any KX125 or KX250, 94-current will work. Just pay the dealer about $1500 and they will set you up with brand spankin new forks, triples, wheel, hub, axle etc. Or you can e-bay for about $200-$300 and get the same thing. It is so simple a cave man can do it. I'm sorry if I offend any of you cave men as I didn't realize you guys were still around. Would you like some roasted duck with mango sausa!

If you are still serious about putting the KDX on the MX track, you could get some Showa's and put them on the KX as well.
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Postby canyncarvr » 01:35 pm May 01 2006

The shock is fine. When properly valved, sprung and setup it's perfectly suitable for where it's suitable.

No, you don't need '05 KX to fit an '05 KDX.

I don't know what a 'standard' set of KX forks would be. There are several different 'standard' sets on different years of KX.

Sure. You can run Showas if you like. You can put anything on you wish. Bolt on? No. But, anything can be made to fit if you want.

Can you just go buy a set? You bet.

Might as well buy them already plugged into another bike, though. :shock:

In other words...what bradf said.

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Postby Colorado Mike » 03:02 pm May 01 2006

note from Amazon:

Many "Candians" interested in "standarge" fork "preformence", also purchased "spell checkers" and "dictionaries". :wink:

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Postby jafo » 11:53 pm May 01 2006

I agree, you'd be better off just finding a late 90's MX bike if you want to play on an MX track. The KDX is really designed for one sole perpouse, the woods, tight woods. It's a dog on an MX track without some major mods to the suspension and engine.

On the other hand also, it's hard to have two bikes in one. You have to settle for some middle ground. If you set the suspension up for an MX track then it'll be to harsh in the woods when you find tree roots, rocks ect. If you set it up for off road riding, then the suspension is to soft for the track. Theres a middle ground but you will have to sacrifice one for the other usualy.
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