Weeping Base Gasket

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Weeping Base Gasket

Postby ico135 » 02:57 pm Mar 16 2017

Just finished installing top end on 04 KDX 200 and have a small amount of coolant weepeing/leaking at one of the nuts at base gasket. I have already ordered a new gasket set but would like to ride the bike for a bit before tearing back into it so soon. My question is will this cause any immediate dangers to ride on as it is and also could i expect this to create any performance issues.
Thanks Everyone, just joined the KDX community and the forum and have been really impressed with everyone's willingness to help.
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Re: Weeping Base Gasket

Postby John_S » 03:31 pm Mar 16 2017

I might be in the minority here but if its just weeping (barely) I would do a little riding (like 20 minutes, but keep your eye on the leak). If breaking it in means riding it like you stole it then I wouldn't ride it yet. You have an air leak so will be running leaner than normal.
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Re: Weeping Base Gasket

Postby Jason » 04:07 pm Mar 16 2017

Welcome to the forums.

Did you use a torque wrench?
Thank you, Julien D for all your hard work!

PLEASE! Do not "dip" PWK Keihin carbs in Berryman's to clean them! It will damage the internal o-ring (jet block gasket).
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