weight reduction on KDX, mine

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weight reduction on KDX, mine

Postby bradf » 10:59 am Dec 30 2004

I have done many of the mods on my 220 and now I am looking to reduce the weight. I have pondered various locations of where the most bang for the buck in time and money can be spent in this everlasting quest for performance. I found it! Located in the worst place for handling (very hight center of gravity). It is approximately 10, maybe 15 pounds of FAT. So it's back to the gym, laying off the ice cream, getting out and walking and running. My perfectly running KDX will now get it's final and possibly most important tweak. Along with this weight reduction there will also be better handling control as the rider will have much better physical ability and endurance.
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Postby Indawoods » 11:06 am Dec 30 2004

AMEN! Can I get a witness???? :prayer:
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Postby skipro3 » 11:13 am Dec 30 2004

Me too...... right after New Years eve celibration that is. Fresh caught dungeness crab, good San Francisco sourdough bread and either a bottle or two of chardonnay , Sauvignon blanc, or riesling is just the right combo to get my new diet and exercise program off to a good start.

But seriously, I've been contemplating the same thing Brad. I've outdone myself this holiday season and now need to lose 20+ lbs myself. Instead of just eating less, I'm going to try a diet of eating better. I eat wey too much pre-made foods that only need to be heated and served. If I had to do more prep of my vittles then maybe I wouldn't eat so much. No gym in my area, well, at least not within 10 miles oneway from home or my commute route anyway.

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Postby BJH » 09:31 am Dec 31 2004

You would be amazed at what just skipping bread and soda can do.
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