FMF Rev vs Woods

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FMF Rev vs Woods

Postby seniorsehas » 09:13 pm Jul 28 2016

I have two pipes for my 96 KDX 200. The one that came with it I smashed to hell trying to ride it up crazy rocky inclines I THINK is a rev pipe. At least that's what the previous owner told me.

The other one I got on CL and the guy TOLD me it was a woods pipe. Who knows if he was right.

Does anyone have both pipes who could let me know if there is any way to confirm which is which visually?

I want a rev pipe for street use but if I already have one I would rather get the dents pulled out for $60 rather than buying a $200 one. I never really noticed any difference between the two making me think they're both the same pipe. Not sure who told me wrong.

On a side note anyone have any reviews on the pipe repair guys I see online? Good? bad? ugly?
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FMF Rev vs Woods

Postby canamfan » 09:58 pm Jul 28 2016

The rev pipe is quite a bit fatter right where your knee would be when sitting forward.
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FMF Rev vs Woods

Postby cornishwrecker220 » 05:29 am Jul 29 2016

There's also an ID mark on the tab that fixes to the rubber mount to the frame although I can't remember which ID is for woods or Rev ?

As mentiond before by ca am the Rev pipe has a fatter buldge & sticks out more ( almost touches the lower part of the radiator shroud ) compared to the woods which has a more leaner profile & is less likely to suffer damage in a spill !
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FMF Rev vs Woods

Postby greener200h » 02:07 pm Jul 30 2016

numbers stamped on top pipe mounting flange. last two digits for woods pipe are 57. for rev pipe I believe are 58. all this info is on here. just search and you will find. EXCELLENT web site for the KDX. you could double check part numbers on FMF website
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Re: FMF Rev vs Woods

Postby cstuckless » 10:17 pm Aug 04 2016

I have one of each on my 2 kdx220's. The shape is distinct between the two pipes. The number stamped on the flange is a good way to tell, but it seems FMF hasn't been perfectly consistent in doing that over the years, depending on your pipe.

So, visually, the torque pipe is slimer, and instead of having an angle close to 90 degrees where it goes up towards the tank before bending back towards the rear tire, it's more like a 45 or 60 degree bend. The Rev pipe is fatter and goes almost straight up towards the tank before bending.

Here's the torque:

And the Rev:
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