continuing clutch problem

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continuing clutch problem

Postby kaw814 » 06:07 pm Jun 22 2016

Hey guys. Been stuck on a clutch problem for weeks. Ive got a new basket, new plates, installed them, and the clutch will not disengage. When i first started the bike, i ran it for less than a minute due to a "rattle" that would disappear when i put a bit of tension on the cable at the bottom. The inside of the clutch cover has a gouge on the lip of the check window, and the actuator arm is scuffed slightly. As far as i could tell the pack was installed correctly with the basket and washers i the right. Something is very wrong...i soaked the fibers overnight before installing. Ive been lost on a 40 minute repair for weeks. what could be causing the scoring and why? This whole thing started due to clutch slippage, so the notched basket and all plates have been replaced. Is any of this possible due to the spring bolts being too loose? The pushrod bearing is good and the arm is NOT shimmed. Im grasping at straws folks. Ready to turn the thing loose for $800 as is. I simply dont know how to work on these things anymore. Everything looks great on paper and i know the functions of different components but when it comes to actual assembly, im severely lacking. Very frustrating to be working on a bike that is supposed to be a anvil for 2 yrs and get nothing out of it. Would anyone suggest selling at this point? Im almost at my end with this bike and could use some help
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Re: continuing clutch problem

Postby Jason » 09:22 am Jun 23 2016

I saw in your other post that you wanted to stop being a member. Did you use a torque wrench on the clutch springs?
Thank you, Julien D for all your hard work!

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