KDX 200 or 220

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KDX 200 or 220

Postby hondaxr200r » 11:26 pm Jun 15 2016

I am looking for a used LIQUID COOLED KDX 200 or 220! My riding style is 1-25MPH tight path woods riding requiring good torque! I've heard some say 220 has better torque(low end power) than 200, but 200 is faster and others saying 220 had bad pistons some years! What's better and what years are best? And what years to stay away from?
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Re: KDX 200 or 220

Postby spl383 » 06:05 am Jun 16 2016

That sounds like the type of riding I do, and that is why I chose the 220.. If you do choose a 220 you will need to change the piston, any year 220 unless it has already been done. not much top end on the 220 stock, but when you put exhaust and reeds on it really wakes up.
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KDX 200 or 220

Postby C George » 05:26 pm Jun 16 2016

Not to sound sarcastic as we want to welcome newbies with questions but if you search the forums you'll
find many a thread where people prefer one over the other ,,,, BOTH great bikes. :)

I also rode a highly modified XR-200R for over 10 years ,,, nice bike.
05 KDX-225R / 06 KDX-200 now a 220R / Maxima 927 / Elf-Total Lubes / RB Head +Carb work / PC Plat 2 /Many 220 cylinder modifications / 40 + yrs. of riding dirt bikes : )
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KDX 200 or 220

Postby canamfan » 06:30 pm Jun 16 2016

I've had both 200 & 220 tried both with torque pipes and rev pipes. The 200 is really fun to ride on fast flowing trails but still has good torque. The 220 is a tractor with the stock pipe or torque pipe and the rev pipe or pc pipe wake it up on top but still retain the torque. Get the 220.
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Re: KDX 200 or 220

Postby doakley » 08:02 pm Jun 16 2016

If you want the low end go for the 220. It is amazing how it just keeps pulling down low. Yes the bike runs out of top end but I run out of balls WAY before it runs out of top end! Put in a Wiseco piston, then you know for sure what's inside it.
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KDX 200 or 220

Postby Sullyfam » 08:42 pm Jun 16 2016

Find the best deal on either for a 96-06 year and you will be happy. Splitting hairs IMO between the 200 and 220. You won't regret buying either one of them. You will, however, regret selling it.

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Re: KDX 200 or 220

Postby newbbewb » 11:35 pm Jun 16 2016

Don't forget... H series have better ergonomics. That being said my e series is a trail slayer. I keep up with/pass 220 on a long straight, in trails it's a tie
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KDX 200 or 220

Postby cornishwrecker220 » 02:25 am Jun 17 2016

If you' are riding tight trails or wooded single track & seldom get out of fourth gear then the 220 is the bike you want.....Kawasaki designed the motor with different porting to that of the 200 Giving it better bottom to mid range pull....hence why it's called a "woods" bike.
The piston Has been known to crack on some 220s ( however my 220 had just over 5000 miles on its original piston before I changed it for a wossoner, the OE piston still looked good ) so for piece of mind strip inspect & replace .
You can make a 220 perform better by changing the pipe for a FMF gnarly "woods" or " desert" pipe ( I perfer the woods for extra pull ) the Pro Circuit platinum pipe will also give you more on top but the design of the pipe means that the expansion "bulge" is fatter & sticks out more, so it's more prone to damage in the event of a spill.
A 35mm carb off a H series kdx 200 is a good after market power gain for the 220, ( jetted to suit ) this with an aftermarket exhaust will give the 220 a little more pull on top....boyesen rad valve will also help with the power delivery down low also giving a better pull....another item I have installed & really like is a flywheel weight ( as I ride tight wooded single track ) it's almost impossible to stall the motor & you can really lug the motor up any steep hill without loosing rear wheel traction....even on the most slippery trails!
There are lots you can do to both bikes to get them to perform better, it just depends on what you want to use them for.
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Re: KDX 200 or 220

Postby Julien D » 06:37 am Jun 17 2016

I would trade my 200 for absolutely nothing, but it sure sounds like 220 is the bike for you. Keep in mind, ALL years of the 220 had weak stock pistons. If you don't change that out and it drops a piston skirt into the bottom end, you could be looking at a very expensive repair bill.
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