Lectron Carb

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Lectron Carb

Postby Silverfox » 04:30 pm Oct 24 2015

Did a search and found only two references to the Lectron on the kdx. In the end the user said he no longer has the Lectron but with no explanation as to why he took it off. Anyone else tried this carb? I was going to go the RB mod route with my 220 but from what I've read I think the Lectron would be great. Just not sure how it would work with a 220.
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Re: Lectron Carb

Postby royadams » 10:11 pm Oct 24 2015

I've got one on my kdx250. It works real well and I see much better fuel milage. I've never rode a bike with the rb carb mod. So I do not know what one works better. I went with the lectron because I liked the idea of a carb that jets itself, according to temp and elevation once it's set up.
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Lectron Carb

Postby twocycle » 11:47 am Oct 27 2015

I have had one on my 89 KDX for a couple of years now. It made a very nice improvement. Jetting is much cleaner and makes power delivery even more electric. I ride from 90 degrees to 15 degrees and do not have to change the jetting. Seat of the pants feels like it makes more power everywhere. The main reason I bought it was not having to rejet with temperature changes.
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Re: Lectron Carb

Postby ditton » 02:51 pm Mar 09 2016

Hi guys...just wondering.... were you able to mount your lectron straight up/down?.... I have to put on my 03 KDX but the fitting will only allow it to be at 1/7 o'clock position...any thoughts? I don't think there is any difference betweeen e & H series at this location
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