I'm a Newb - Can you suggest search terms?

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I'm a Newb - Can you suggest search terms?

Postby kit533i » 09:25 am Oct 17 2015

Actually, it's not even my bike. A friend picked up a 93 KDX 200 really cheap and has asked me to see if I can get it running. I'm more familiar with 4-stroke engines, but am comfortable wrenching on anything. She just dropped it off last night so I haven't had a chance to really start looking at it. However, the engine turns - it just won't start, and the guy she bought it from "says" it was running yesterday. Maybe bad gas, and my optimistic take is that it's something relatively simple (if the previous owner wasn't pulling one over on her). So, I'm not asking "what should I do?" I'm asking, what are some good search terms so I can start searching the knowledge already here :wink:

Here's my thinking on where to start:

1. Fuel (make sure it's clean, and it's available at the carb)
2. Spark
3. Compression

I appreciate any suggestions on other things to check, but really, if you have suggestions on good search terms, I'll delve into the archives.

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I'm a Newb - Can you suggest search terms?

Postby pumpguy » 10:14 am Oct 17 2015

For a start, I would suggest you add to your list to check and clean the carb, and also check the reeds to see they're not frayed and are seating properly. You might also check the KIPS to see they're in good condition and operating properly. From what I've learned from this site, they're not as reliable as later H Series ('95 and later) KDX bikes.

Beyond that, the list is almost endless, and never really ends. Additional advice, as has been posted many times on this site is to GET A MANUAL. It has everything you need to know.

Good luck.
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