Kawasaki Air Filter Service Info from 1991

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Kawasaki Air Filter Service Info from 1991

Postby Jason » 03:18 am Aug 13 2015

Here is some dealer info from 1991. Enjoy.

Air filter service
by Steve Rice
Product Support Specialist
How do you clean the foam air filters used in ATVs and
motorcycles? Probably the most common method is to
rinse them thoroughly in a high flash point cleaning solvent
and blow them dry with compressed air.
This method does get rid of the dirt since the solvent
removes the oil that’s in the filter and the dirt is carried
away with it. However, there is a problem with this
method: There is always some solvent left in the foam
which dilutes the fresh oil you add after cleaning. The
diluted oil doesn’t cling to the foam as well and is more likely
to drain off or be sucked into
the engine.
You can avoid this problem
by cleaning the filter with
degreaser instead of solvent.
Degreaser loosens dirt in
much the same way as solvent,
but since it is water
soluble, you can rinse it out
with water. Warm, soapy dishwashing
detergent will remove
all traces of the degreaser and
cold water will remove the soap.
Then wrap the filter in a clean dry cloth and squeeze
as much water as possible into the cloth. (Never twist or
wring out a foam filter element. This can tear it. Blowing
it out with compressed air can also damage the foam.)
Some water will be left in the element but it won’t mix
with and dilute the filter oil. Most of the water is absorbed
into the rag as the excess filter oil is squeezed out. The
small amount of moisture that’s left is quickly and harmlessly
drawn into the engine the first time it’s started.
Don’t forget the important last step of air cleaner service!
Generously grease the surface of the filter element
that seals against the air box before you reinstall it. This
will prevent dirt, grit and other unmentionables from
sneaking in between the foam and the air box.
Thank you, Julien D for all your hard work!

PLEASE! Do not "dip" PWK Keihin carbs in Berryman's to clean them! It will damage the internal o-ring (jet block gasket).
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Kawasaki Air Filter Service Info from 1991

Postby Tioli » 05:58 am Aug 13 2015

Wow that's so simple. How did that get lost in 24 years
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Re: Kawasaki Air Filter Service Info from 1991

Postby 6 Riders » 04:48 pm Oct 10 2015

Thread Revival!!!!!
So I tried this today.....
I have 3, no, 4 KDXs and an abundance of Hondas, so needless to say....A lot of air filters and I hate cleaning them, especially since it's hours of time that I don't always have.

I tried this method today and since I had 7 filters to clean and 2 types of degreaser, I thought that I'd test this method out.....Here's my results;
Degreaser #1 Some purple industrial stuff I got from Costco. (from now on, known as "purple stuff")
Degreaser #2 Simple Green, full concentrate.
Simple Green is hit and miss for what it actually works on, which is why I have the purple stuff as well....

Test #1 Soak in Purple Stuff for at least 10 minutes. Rinse in Dawn dish soap, clean cold(ish) water final rinse.
Test #2 Soak in Green stuff, undiluted, for at least 10 minutes. Rinse in Dawn dish soap, clean cold(ish) water final rinse.
Test #3 Soak in Industrial Dawn dish soap. Rinse with warm water then a cold water final rinse.

Test #1....Sucked, the filter was still real oily and had a lot of dirt left in it. No matter what I did, this failed.

Test #2....This worked, the filters came out of the SG mostly oil free and had little debris left, which the dish soap took away quickly. Filters look pretty good after this.

Test #3....Well this sucked as well, about the same results as test #1, but WAY more oily, but less dirt debris.

I also did a couple in SG for less than 10 minutes (about 5), and this didn't work well either.

My conclusion to this is;
Degreaser did work, is the same or less actual work than actual filter cleaners. I put what was left of the SG into a spray bottle to clean the bikes with on Monday, so that is a plus. TIME is crucial for the SG to do it's work and you will loose a lot, if you don't squeeze the filter out before the dish soap soak.
I do like the idea of throwing the filters into a bucket of SG and leaving overnight, but I'm not sure that is safe, I will do this after Sundays races to see if I different results at all (My son is using a filter that I don't quite like so much).

Filters cleaned today; Uni, Twin Air, No Toil Premium (using regular filter oil), No Toil ready filter (using regular oil), No Toil ready filter (using No Toil oil (new filter)), Pro Filter (for a CR85). Only the oldest Uni was a pain to clean (least amount of soak time), but the No Toil filter with No Toil oil did NOT like this method so much. I'd recommend stick with laundry soap on these).
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Re: Kawasaki Air Filter Service Info from 1991

Postby Slick_Nick » 06:56 pm Oct 11 2015

I do two baths. One in Varsol (this removes the oil) then one in Simple green (this removes the dirt.) rinse in warm water and I get spotless filters every single time in about 10 minutes. Use those bigger gladware containers and you can get a whole season worth of filter cleanings on the same solutions.
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