W.E.R. Steering Dampner service / oil change

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W.E.R. Steering Dampner service / oil change

Postby skipro3 » 10:10 pm Dec 10 2004

While I no longer have a WER, I found this proceedure today on how to change the oil and not get air trapped inside. Hope it helps someone out there!

WER's method of changing oil leaves me suspecting that air can easily stay in the device dispite following the oil change / bleed proceedure. Here's a method that works great. Use a Fernco (brand name) pipe coupling. It is a tubular rubber pipe coupling, a 2" that mounts with a hose clamp. $2.99 at the local Ace Hardware store, and one coupling will make two devices. It's for 2" pipe, nominal ID slightly less than 2.5" and a perfect fit. Cut the rubber sleeve so that it is 1" taller than the body of the damper. Use the method in the manual to push out the old fluid. Remove the arm from the damper and put the sleeve and hose clamp on. Fill the sleeve so that about 1" of oil covers the top of the damper. remove the fill screw and the adjustment screw and work the shaft back and forth slowly until the bubbles stop. You won't believe how much air gets trapped inside using the method in the manual. These couplings are available at any hardware or plumbing supply store.

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