Throttle problem

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Throttle problem

Postby skipro3 » 10:01 pm Dec 10 2004

Not a question but a problem I ran into today and how I solved it. I thought my experiance might help someone else out there.
After some routine maintenance, I took my bike for a test ride. I could not get the bike to idle right. It was too fast and wouldn't adjust down. Close inspection revealed the throttle cable was binding due to a new # plate I added and a bit of rerouting. I took the entire throttle apart and cleaned it and inspected it. The cable didn't seem dry but I lubed it anyway. BTW, using one of those clamp on cable luber devices is the ticket. The lube, most of it anyway, gets to where it is needed. In order to prevent the lube from attracting dust, a problem in my neck of the woods, and forming sludge, I used a dry silicone lube. One thing I noticed was that when I would open and snap the throttle shut, (motor off) I could hear the slide seat in the carb when the throttle closed. If I moved the cable and repeated, the slide would not seat even though the throttle easily snapped closed all the way. It is a distinct sound as the slide hits bottom in the carb when working right. After cleaning and lubing, I could move that cable anywhere and the throttle closing would allow the slide to close all the way.

My first thought when this happened was that dirt in the carb was stopping the slide from closing all the way or dirt in some circuit in the carb. It works fine now.

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Postby Jason » 12:57 am Dec 11 2004

With the cable completely off the bike, I have used a clamp style luber and some spray Gumout carb cleaner to get the gunk out, then used WD-40 to flush the carb cleaner/use as a lube.

Your idea of the siliccone sounds better.
Thank you, Julien D for all your hard work!

PLEASE! Do not "dip" PWK Keihin carbs in Berryman's to clean them! It will damage the internal o-ring (jet block gasket).
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