Boyesen 607 Power Reeds?

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Boyesen 607 Power Reeds?

Postby Indawoods » 06:24 am Dec 09 2004

Anyone have any experience with these reeds? Sounds like a good setup according to their hype...
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Postby KDXer » 09:05 am Dec 09 2004

I had them before the DFII and it was a modest boost with the 607's but the VForce is superior in every way. IMHO

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Postby m0rie » 11:04 am Dec 09 2004

Those seem to be the reeds of choice if your not going to run a DFI/II/III. I wouldn't know though. Mistakenly bought the Pro Series Carbon Fiber Reeds last time. They work rock'n on the top end, but don't seem that much better than the busted stockers they replaced on the bottom. Oh well, next time i'm shopping for a DFIII :-)

Unless somebody wants to part with their DFII?

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Postby Mr. Wibbens » 04:07 am Dec 11 2004

I'm still running 607's in mine

Ski gave them to me 'bout a year and a half ago :supz:
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Postby Jason » 02:35 pm Dec 11 2004

I've got some kind of Boyesen 607 reeds in my '87, but I can't remember if they helped out or not.
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Postby kdxquebec » 03:26 pm Dec 11 2004

I run 607 for i season now. They are made in 2 peices and after i season they dont show any signs of wear.They helped a lot on the top end. i also removed the stock metal reteiners on the rad cage.
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