H-series top triple clamp on an E-series

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H-series top triple clamp on an E-series

Postby KDXrider1989 » 10:07 pm Jun 27 2013

Will it be a direct bolt on? I have fat bars on my '89 and because of how the top triple clamp brings the handlebars towards the rider, the extra inch or so of length from the adaptors brings the bars at a kinda awkward position. I noticed that on the H-series the handlebars go straight up, and the handlebar clamps are removable/replaceable so maybe I can get close to a stock ergonomic feel with these
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Re: H-series top triple clamp on an E-series

Postby Jason » 12:16 am Jun 28 2013

I think so. Look for a thread from 2005 where me and a few others commented / tried it.
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