seized shock linkage bolt

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seized shock linkage bolt

Postby bart » 06:11 am Jan 13 2013

Hey guys, anyone ever dealt with a frozen shock linkage bolt? It's the linkage piece that connects the swing arm to the shock. We spent 2 hrs trying to pound it loose with enormous force. Problem of course is that you can't get a straight shot at it. The bolt is just stuck inside the bearing. The only way we could see is to cut through on bolt sides with a dremel. We read about a guy who cut his out. He later put it in a vice and still couldn't pound the remainder of the bolt.out of the sleeve. Anyone ever dealt with this disaster?
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Re: seized shock linkage bolt

Postby ecojbr » 10:33 am Jan 13 2013

Try taking the top shock bolt out to allow it to drop down and get straight at it, then add some heat.
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Re: seized shock linkage bolt

Postby bufftester » 03:28 pm Jan 14 2013

That and drop one end of the dog bones, will give you lots more direct access. Then penetrating oil soak and heat as mentioned above.
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Re: seized shock linkage bolt

Postby Jason » 05:37 pm Jan 14 2013

Have you tried penetrating oil and or heat?
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Re: seized shock linkage bolt

Postby Dekon » 08:35 pm Jan 14 2013

If you can get it, Kroil works awesome. I used it this summer on a rebuild project and I was able to get all the rusty bolts out.
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