rebuilding my kdx200 93, I have a few questions.

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rebuilding my kdx200 93, I have a few questions.

Postby flyboy » 12:11 am Jul 30 2012

Hi Im doing an overhaul on my bike: new piston and rings, new power valves, fork seals, rear shock seal, kickstart spring, and a few other things.
But what I need to know is:

1. when I rebuilt my rear shock, the service manual said that it requires 170psi of nitrogen. But I can't find anyone that can pump it up to 170psi with nitrogen (their nitrogen pumps only go upto about 100psi). However I can get 170psi of air. The service manual says not to use air because it could damage the shock. But I can't see why not because the air is inside the accumulator that is made of a rubbery material and I can't see how air could damage the accumulator when car and bike tyres are made of rubber and there full of air. So what I'm asking is can I fill my shock up with air?

2. Once I've rebuilt my engine with a new piston do I have to break it in or anything?

3.When I install the new spring that ingages the ratchet to the kick gear do I have to take the whole side case off or just the clutch cover?

Any help will be very appriciated.
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rebuilding my kdx200 93, I have a few questions.

Postby SS109 » 04:17 am Jul 30 2012

1. No, you cannot use air. Find a shop that does motorcycle suspension servicing where you live as they should be able to do it. If not someone local, either drive or ship it to someone in your country. A few places fairly local to you that might be able to help you out:,, and Any one of those places should be able to get your nitrogen pressure to what you need.

2. Not really. Warm up the bike to full temp and watch for leaks. If all looks good take it out and ride it like normal.

3. You have to remove the whole side cover. Sorry.
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