Sand turning

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Sand turning

Postby Racing220 » 11:14 pm Jul 23 2012

I am getting killed by down hill deep sand turns, techniques?
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Sand turning

Postby scheckaet » 01:28 pm Jul 24 2012

I know it sounds like a dick answer but: more gas. Anything that'll make the front end lighter will help.
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Sand turning

Postby SS109 » 02:07 pm Jul 24 2012

Are you talking about coming down a steep hill into a sandy bottom and having to make an immediate sharp turn? If so, what I do is turn as much as possible while still on the hill getting setup for the turn. Once I reach the sand I then straighten the bike upright and let the bike go as far as possible in a straight line until I can make a sharp turn to square up with the direction I need to go. Then I just lean it over, move my weight back on the bike, focus on where I want the bike to go, and gas the hell out of it.

Basic tips. When in the sand get your weight back over the rear, try to stay off the front brake, steer with the rear tire/throttle, and speed is your friend.
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