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KDX question from Coop

Postby KDX200-E2 » 10:05 am Mar 09 2011

You wouldn't happen to have a diagram for how you wired your bike would you?


"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do" - Mark Twain

2003 KDX200
Sorry, I can't send PMs
Unforunately I do not have a a wiring diagram or schematic of how
is wired up my bike. What I did was replace the stock wiring harness
with one from a Canadian model GasGas EC300. The ignition portion
is stock KDX, but, all the lights, horn etc.. is all run from the
GasGas harness. I also added a Trailtech Rectifier/Regulator and
mounted a battery in the fanny bag.
I should maybe take the time to do a write up with some pictures.
Essentially I did a bunch of internet searching about how to rewind
a stator and run a floating ground modification and came up with
a solution that seems to work just fine. Everything related to the
lighting system is powered and grounded through the battery.
I had the stock stator rewound by Ricky Stator for the higher output.
I doubt I needed it as all the lights, except the headlight are LEDs
Ask questions and I'll see if I can answer them or point you to some
internet links.
Good luck, Jeff
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