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Postby Slick_Nick » 02:27 pm Feb 27 2011

I run mine about halfway between the max advance and stock setting. Works great for me.

Timing is like ice cream flavors - everyone has their own personal preference, there is no right or wrong setting, as long as you stay within spec.
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Postby moto_psycho » 01:15 am Feb 28 2011

i read every guide under the sun before changing the timing (hence i know your excerpt was taken from a guide, 1 guide that says you don't gain power), these bikes are pretty low revving already for 2 strokes. throttle response and overall grunt were improved amazingly, found no difference to the revviness of the bike. i tried retarding the timing, and tbh it just felt horrible, really really laggy on the throttle until you get to the top, the powerband seemed to have slightly more kick but i would say at least 90% of that only felt good cause of the lack of anything before hand

as with every miserable shite on every forum, try it before you knock it before you start kissing eachothers arses with this "I AM SET IN MY WAYS AND ONLY DO THE FORUM MODS AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS STUPID" attitude.

if you didnt gain power from adjusting ignition why are we not all firing 20 degrees after top dead center?


Postby SS109 » 03:38 am Feb 28 2011

Whoa there, brother! Relax a bit, please?

I'll say this, if your timing isn't optimized for your particular engine then, yes, you could gain power everywhere and not just one end or the other. However, once your timing is at it's optimum balance then it then becomes an either/or situation if you advance/retard away from that point.

Man, what is with all this tension and bickering on here lately? Everyone needs to remember we are part of a very small community here. We need to treat each other with respect or this site is going to go away due to the petty crap like this. Does the name "canyncarvr" ring a bell? Please, let's not start driving each other away!
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Postby moto_psycho » 11:48 am Feb 28 2011

apologies, it was 6am to me haha and ive had many dealings with thumpertalk and the "whatever someone who is not me says, GOES" attitude half the fun of having a bike is doing things yourself and experimenting with settings etc etc

other one that gets on my tits a little is when people complain that the stock suspension isnt good enough........ for a 16 stone rider :butthead:


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