old crusty Dad from NC w/ 1999 KDX 220 modded

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old crusty Dad from NC w/ 1999 KDX 220 modded

Postby jlove1974 » 10:43 am Aug 16 2010

Hi all,

I have posted on here but rudely I have not intro'd myself. Here's the scoop:

My name is Jeremy and I am from North Carolina. I have 3 kids and a wife who ride dirt, that is when I can keep all of our bikes running (not easy!).

I rode a Honda 50 minitrail as my first dirtbike, graduated to a Yamadog MX80 (what a turd!), got hurt due to that terrible suspension...and retired at the ripe old age of 14. Probably a good thing because Dad had an IT400 that scared the crap out of me, and my uncle had an old YZ125 that I would have graduated too.....

So after a streetbike crash in 95, I stayed off two wheels for a while. Married my high-school hottie, and we had 3 kids...some boys woohoo!

Now I will talk about the bikes I have had in the last 5 years(long!):

I hatched my master plan in 2005. I wanted to ride dirt again after checking out some used bikes with a good friend. I knew I would have to do it as a family thing or it wouldn't be fun or well liked by anybody else ;)
Bought a china bike used for $275!! like new (Panterra 50) and I remembered everything I had forgot about working on bikes! I jetted that thing, changed carbs and tires, changed the top end, and stripped spark plug threads out of the head. It's pretty fast for a chinese POS!!

Then we got an XR50. I put gas in it, tighten and lube the chain, and it's still going 3 kids later...I love that thing! Best dirtbike ever made IMO!

Then a TTR125, what a great bike - taught my wife how to use a clutch!
Traded out of this one, and got some cash and an XR70 which I sold!
I would like to have another TTR125, maybe an LE one day as a playbike.

Then I got an XR200, my first "big" bike. It was torquey and bulletproof, with no suspension travel (it was a 2002 XR200R) and my wife hated it.
I thrashed it for two years and sold it for $100 less than I paid (with a bald tire and frayed clutch cable!) I think if I had gotten an older XR200 with the lighting package, I would have loved it!

I was in the market for something a bit mo' better, so we looked at a NICE KLX300. It was near mint condtion, but the guy wouldn't come down much in price and I HATED those CV carbs, suspect tranny, ACR etc.
My wife wanted a bike w/ electric start and so I found a near mint TTR250.
We both loved that bike, loved it to death in fact and now I have to work on it ;) valve adjustment time! YAY (sarcasm...)

In the meantime we had bought a KX65 for my daughter and middle son to ride...but I got my share of seat time on that bike and WOW! What a machine for kids. I can't imagine having one of these @ 8 years old!!!

We started to do family rides, up in the mountains and my kids love riding!

And that Kawi green and premix smell had already infected my blood.....

So in 2009, after lusting after many MX machines and scaring the crap out of myself riding 250s, I found a decent 99 KDX 220. I loved even tho the headlight was missing and the seat was incorrect for the year.
It had new tires, some thick bars w/ risers, a new Wiseco piston in the top end, and I bought it from a guy that I trusted. At the time, we were at the Steele Creek GNCC race and that was my wife's first time at an offroad event. She loved it! I think I could get her into HS racing easily if I tried.

So in the meantime my son has graduated to the KX65, my youngest son has graduated to the XR50 and we are ready to ride. This summer has sucked as far as heat and economics for us. Hope the fall is better ;)

Anyhow, if you have bothered to read this mini-novel, you will note that although I am "NEW" to the KDX, I am an old crusty dirt rider from way back. And now I have people to ride with all of the time (my boys).

I am now in the process of modding my KDX to taste, with a carb, pipe and soon to be RB-head. I love it and think it's one of the worlds best dirtbikes and I am glad to be surround by it's devotees ;)
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Postby fuzzy » 01:29 pm Aug 16 2010

'91 KDX 200 Project $300 KDX
'95 KDX 200 Project $600 KDX
'94 WR 250 Always a project
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Postby jlove1974 » 01:41 pm Aug 16 2010

thanks. It's amazing that in such a short period of time, I could consider myself to be somewhat of an expert (compared to my friends) on working on bikes. and lawnmowers. and oh did I mention my uncle is a bike mech?

I mean, I took auto mech 3 years in school (basically to get out of stupid subjects like math and science) so I had the basic knowledge all along.

Once I had to rely on my own skill as a mechanic to keep several hundred-thousand mile autos running, I guess it was time I took to a new hobby.

Now, I find myself breaking down forks like it wasn't nothing, and freeing stuck bottom ends on a two stroke w/ PB blaster. I learned to appreciate Japanese engineering for sure. And the KDX is as tough as any engine out there.
I completely tore down a parts bike last night and I am AMAZED at the sheer level of abuse this thing took, and yet it was still basically rideable
at the time of it's demise! I don't think the linkage had * EVER * been apart and greased... lol
The front sprocket had been completely rode almost round and the rear one was as sharp as a knife.....

So... I have high hopes as to owning mine and abusing it almost as bad :)
Except, I like to do safety-maintenance like change out parts that are worn out. :rolleyes:
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