hi; from york, pa

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hi; from york, pa

Postby rick albert » 10:18 pm Jan 24 2008

Hi from south central pa (york) .....just got back into the sport after a 18 year hiatus (ie) got married, bought a house, had
kids (well; my wife had the kids, i just helped a little,lol) so, in '06 i bought a brand new kdx 200 (last year of the kdx, one of the biggest MISTAKE kawasaki ever made in my opinion 2nd to not updating the kdx (when in production) with all the goodies!!! thats why when you go to any OFF ROAD event today all you see is the SEA of ORANGE sprinkled with blue,green and red maybe some yellow!!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT MARKETING YOUR PRODUCT !!! its so obvious that kawasaki thinks that there is no market for a TRUE OFF ROAD machine let alone a 2 stroke!! unless you want to call the klx 450r an attempt; ALL 272 lbs of it...and $1000 or more to do a topend job we needed !!! lets be honest;you gotta laugh when people start talking about the DEATH of the 2stroke in the US; all you hear is EPA this EPA that .......WROOOOONG....try the AMA thats right the AMA is the one slowly but surely trying to kill the 2 stroke with all the rule changes and BULL SH#T; at lest in the moto-cross venues for NOW.... and if anybody disagrees;then tell me why KTM and HUSKY are still going strong in the 2 stroke R&D dept ????? just talked to a HUSKY dealer the other day and he told me that HUSKY is building a 300WR 2- stroke for next year ('09) to compete with KTM and YES it will be imported into the US......GOOOOO HUSKY !!!!! somebody needs to grow some 2 stroke BALLS and kick some ORANGE BUTT through the woods!!!!
i'm SO SORRY for going off on a tangent, but when somebody trys to take away something i love, i get PISSED.........thanks for reading :butthead: :butthead:
rick albert
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Postby scheckaet » 10:21 pm Jan 24 2008

We all know too well how you feel :roll:
Welcome :partyman:
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Postby bradf » 10:22 pm Jan 24 2008

Welcome. There are lots here that took many years off then returned. You will enjoy the info. there is to be had here.
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Postby Rick » 10:54 pm Jan 24 2008

Ahhhh, Another "out of retirement Rick". Great to have ya!
Yes, they really do let me drive the Train!
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Postby KDX Butterfly » 06:22 am Jan 25 2008

welcome to the site, rick. i think you'll be just fine here... :lol:
"If I were just two inches taller, I wouldn't be me." ~KDX Butterfly
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KDX Butterfly
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Postby fuzzy » 03:28 pm Jan 25 2008

AMEN BROTHER! Welcome!!!

PS, used to live in Frederick, MD....Just south of ya.
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