Hi From Hot Ass Arizona

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Hi From Hot Ass Arizona

Postby ebeck » 11:15 pm Jun 19 2007

I am in Scottsdale and I ride a KX-DX. Locals, hit me up for ride days.
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Postby KDXNZ » 12:38 am Jun 21 2007

Hi. Welcome. Lots of hot ass's in Arizona are there?
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Postby thebleakness » 01:00 am Jun 21 2007

Oh yeah, way too many of those hot asses up in here...

Good thing I live in the mountains, I think record high temp up here is in the low 90s. Most of the time it hovers around 80F in the mid day.
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Postby stevec » 10:30 am Sep 12 2007

I live in Sonoita Az which is about 1 hour south of Tucson at about 5,000 feet elevation. temps are generally 10-15 degrees cooler thanTucson and about 20 lower than Phoenix ( hell).
I'm riding a KDX 220R ( 04') Used to work for Kawsaki after attending MMI and riding my entire life. Started raising kids and left the industry. recently had an op to buy the KDX which was /is in mint condition. Haven't started the upgrade yet other than K&N air filters, new tires, bars, and levers.
Sure is good to be back. Spent the last 12 years riding Mountianbikes so my two wheel skills are still pretty sharp.
We own a ranch so I've been huolding MTB trails for a while and am now building a real sweet offroad course ( log piles, tires etc).
Currently recovering from foot surgery so ride time is a bit reuced, and at lower speeds than I normally like.
Coronado National Forest is a mile away and accesible by dirt raod from my house. Couldn't live in abetter place for riding opportunities.
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