Hi, my name is Mr. Wibbens!

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Hi, my name is Mr. Wibbens!

Postby Mr. Wibbens » 04:31 am Nov 07 2004

I got banned from DRN

Just makes me wanna :cry:

NOT! :lol:

I'm can be a little bit of a smart ass at times....

But don't let it get your feelers hurt 'cuz I don't take much of anything serious most of the time

I got a worn out '92 KDX, that never ceases to amaze me with all the places it has taken me
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Mr. Wibbens
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Postby Indawoods » 09:39 am Nov 07 2004

Glad to see you here Wibby! We missed ya! :)
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"People ate cows a thousand years ago for the same reason we eat them now. Cause they are easy to catch.We're not savages,we're´╗┐ just lazy. A cheetah could taste like chocolate heroin. But will never know. Those bastards are fast!!! "
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Postby skipro3 » 05:04 pm Nov 07 2004

Glad you made it here Wib!!!!
What a bunch of humorless bores over on the other place.
I'll be up your way again real soon for another ride in your neck of the woods. See Ya! :!:

I'd rather be a smartass like carvr, than a dumbass like.... well, you fill in the blank!
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