Donations and Supporting Member group information

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Donations and Supporting Member group information

Postby Julien D » 08:14 pm Apr 02 2014

As you can see, we do not advertise on this forum. We want to keep it that way! In order to do so, we need the support of our members. We do not require a donation to participate in the site or the majority of it's contents, but donating will grant you access to additional features. And, as our Queen Bee says, you also get fancy stars by your name! Here is how our ranking system works:

Supporting Member Ranks:
Supporting Member: $1-$9 - PM + Avatar
Supporting Member 1 star: $10-$39 - Level I Rank + PM + Avatar
Supporting Member 2 stars: $20-$39 - Level II Rank + PM + Avatar
Supporting Member 3 stars: $30-$49 - Level III Rank + PM + Avatar

Special Ranks:
Golden Supporting Member 4 stars: $50-$99 - Level IV Rank + PM + Avatar + Forum Hosted File Attachments
Platinum Supporting Member 5 stars: $100+ - Level V Rank + PM + Avatar + Forum Hosted File Attachments + Group Display in "WHO IS ONLINE" Legend

You will notice PayPal donation buttons attached to the forum. Feel free to use them! If you do so, be sure you include your username in the comments so that we can update your rank and membership level accordingly. If you wish to donate but do not have a paypal account and do not want to use a credit/debit card, money order or check will be acceptable. Email for mailing address information.

Please note: PM and Avatar privileges are reserved for Supporting Members only.
Donation levels are subject to change at any time.

Thank you so much for your support! It's the only way we keep this place running.
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