A new KDX owner story !! from Indiana

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A new KDX owner story !! from Indiana

Postby Paparex » 11:58 pm Mar 28 2014

Bought a 2001 kdx 200 a week ago. drove 100 miles to look at it. PO's ad pic musta been 5 years old because the bike didnt look the same. it had been sitting for about a year he said, no bottom end really but lifted when revved out so i thought carb clean , fresh gas, etc.. ( THOUGHT WRONG! ) Wish I had seen this site sooner but hey you win some you lose some. I bought it and discovered it needed things. Cylinder is at Millenium, when it comes back i'll be throwing in a new wiseco top end, water pump seals, KIPS completely stuck so gonna get that sorted out. new chain and sprockets, carb rebuild etc.. it had brand new tires and brakes, bottom end seems good .55mm on big rod end so im leavin that for a winter project. guess i will start with stock jetting during break in then follow the jetting guide. follow a link on here and bought a service manual Cyclepedia was Awesome to deal with. lots of good info on this site. I cant wait to get this thing done so i can ride with my son!!! I will post some pics soon of the tear down aftermath lol.
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Re: A new KDX owner story !! from Indiana

Postby diymirage » 05:40 am Mar 29 2014

welcome aboard
those KDX basket cases make great revivals

I bought one with a blown top end for 400 bucks, rebuild it and I like riding it more then "my" KDX
newbbewb wrote:DIYmirage has it right.

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Re: A new KDX owner story !! from Indiana

Postby Jason » 10:57 am Mar 29 2014

Live and learn. Welcome to the forum!
Thank you, Julien D for all your hard work!

PLEASE! Do not "dip" PWK Keihin carbs in Berryman's to clean them! It will damage the internal o-ring (jet block gasket).
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Re: A new KDX owner story !! from Indiana

Postby bufftester » 12:45 pm Mar 30 2014

Welcome to the forum and take heart...KDX's are the zombie undead of the 2 stroke world-they just refuse to stay buried! lol
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A new KDX owner story !! from Indiana

Postby TheRadBaron » 03:14 pm Mar 30 2014

Welcome. That sounds just about how my first experience with the venerable KDX is going. Mine is an '89, bought a few weeks ago. It looked to be in good shape and seemed to run well, but I could only take it around the block so I couldn't really open it up. Plus, it was about 5 degrees out and that didn't help it run well. It turns out to have a few problems. My cylinder is now at Millennium, too. My KIPS system was also thrashed. I had to split the cases for a bad left side crank seal also. Oh well, I'm not too worried about it. While I have it all apart I'm adding a DG pipe, too. Sure, I'm having to throw a lot of money at it right off the bat, but it sure will be a nice machine when it's done. Freshly plated cylinder with new Wiseco piston, rebuilt KIPS system with new parts, fresh crank seals and oil seals all throughout the engine, plus the knowledge that the everything is in good shape. It should be good for a long time to come. I'd rather buy a worn out bike for $600 and put $1000 into it rebuilding than buy a $1500 bike that was 100% ready to go but had a bunch of hours on all the consumable parts like the top end and KIPS.
Hopefully you got a good deal on yours, but even if you didn't I don't think you'll have any regrets once you get it all back together. I love mine and I haven't even ridden it yet!
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