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New Member / Dampening Advice

Postby greensnake » 11:43 am Mar 06 2014

New Member from southern SC. A former '80's/early '90's Dist 4 (Western NY) Enduro rider @ KDX200, with the likes of Ray Davis, Steve Hatch, Joe Greco, Bob Pearce, Rich Daly, etc. If any members are from that area and/or time give me a shoot. I've re-entered the Enduro & Dual Sport scene after 25 years. Rode the Broxton Bridge SC Dual Sport Run & Sumter SC Enduro recently to get the bike dialed in & 'ol boby into riding shape. Ouch, I'm not 30 anymore, Ha Ha. Headed to the Alligator Enduro 3/9-3/10 :grin: Heard there's a lot of Palmetto tree roots and that I should set suspension up for rocks as opposed to sand woops. Any suggestions on dampening settings for my '04 KDX 220 for this? May be different then my old '85-'90 KDX200's!?! I'm 5' 8", 165# / 180# w/gear with proper fork & shock springs and race sag suggestions from Fredette Racing. Thanks and glad to be trail riding on a KDX again! :boogie:
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Re: New Member / Dampening Advice

Postby NewKDX » 01:04 pm Mar 06 2014

Stock specs are usually the best a slow rebound is what I usually run when I am riding through the trails.
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