New KDX 250 rider

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New KDX 250 rider

Postby Gremlis » 08:26 pm Feb 16 2014

Hello all. I just recently purchased a 92 kdx 250 and havnt yet had a chance to take it out and see what its capable of yet. A friend went over the forks with me and did some improvements but they still seem insuficient for my play style. Holding the front brake I can compress them 8 or more inches by hand. As there are about 50 sets of kx forks on ebay at any given time is there a prefered set with tripple clamps that makes an easy conversion for the 92? (43mm blue anodized USD) I am about 190 lbs and like to jump. My last bike was an 84 CR500 and I have been out of dirt riding for about 15 years.
The kickstarter assembly is wore out, wobbling and wont stay in. The kawasaki OEM part says no longer manufactured. Part number is 13064. Is there an aftermarket one I might be able to replace it with?

Thanks in advance guys and love the site,

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Re: New KDX 250 rider

Postby royadams » 09:38 pm Feb 16 2014

Mine kick lever was real loose as well. I replaced the ball and spring in mine and it is still loose but stayes in now.
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Re: New KDX 250 rider

Postby Jason » 09:29 pm Feb 17 2014

13064 is just a reference number, not the part number.

For any dirt bike, the rider needs the correct rate fork springs and shock spring for his weight.

The stock fork springs are too soft for a normal rider's weight, much less yours. I am a Tubby Tompkins, so no need to think I am trying to act slim-perior. :cool:
Thank you, Julien D for all your hard work!

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