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ATK 406

Postby StangerGT » 05:54 pm Aug 07 2018

I'm always looking for cool and rare motorcycles in my area and happened to stumble onto an ATK 406. I believe it's a late 90s model. The guy wants 1500 for it but went down to 1300 over the phone. It's in nice condition and runs well. It's tempting as this is a bike I always wanted, but I know very little about them. Have any of you had the pleasure or horror of owning one of these rare machines? Any info would be great!
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Re: ATK 406

Postby bufftester » 07:16 pm Aug 07 2018

They are cool compared to other bikes of the same era. IIRC the ATKs used a disc brake on the countershaft and not the swingarm, along with a torque eliminator on the swing arm that was supposed to eliminate suspension interaction with the motor. They were still air cooled in the early 90s after everyone else went to liquid cooling. A quick search on the net shows that you can get the repair andservice manuals free from the ATK/Rotax site. I bet parts are tough to come by though. IIWM and I had the garage space I'd get one, along with a Cannondale and a KTM540 2T. None of them were great, but they sure have a lot of character! Of course, I have a problem (as evidenced by the 7 bikes currently in the garage) :roll:
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Re: ATK 406

Postby Jason » 08:13 pm Aug 07 2018

On this week's episode of Hoarders:


The ATK sounds quite interesting. :bravo:
Thank you, Julien D for all your hard work!

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ATK 406

Postby jjavaman » 09:12 pm Aug 07 2018

Go for it, dependable Rotax powered bike. Check here for parts. ... and-trail/
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