Case is full of gasoline

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Case is full of gasoline

Postby Sakers288 » 09:06 pm Nov 08 2017

I know it's not really part of the forum but I just bought a KDX 650 that needs some TLC and there's not really any kdx650 forums. I went to drain the oil and the case was completely full to the top with gasoline. I don't know how it got in there other than the possibility of a rogue child with a gas can. The cylinder looks good and the oil filter also had very little metal on it. My big question here is do you guys think that the gas washed the clutch or that it ruined the clutch? I'm kind of afraid to start it. Should I take out the clutch and soak it in some oil before I start it?
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Case is full of gasoline

Postby Dekon » 09:37 pm Nov 08 2017

Sounds like a stuck float. If it stays open, it will just flood the engine with fuel.
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Re: Case is full of gasoline

Postby Jason » 10:14 pm Nov 08 2017

Do you mean KLX650?

I am not sure how it gets full of gasoline. You may want to try where they have a Kawasaki four stroke section, plus this may be a general four-stroke question, anyway.

Good luck.
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Re: Case is full of gasoline

Postby bufftester » 11:25 pm Nov 08 2017

Exactly what Dekon said, stuck float. Need to fix that before anything else, or the problem will just return. Common problem on the older GSX-Rs (of which I have 3.7 lol). Flooding float bowl drains down the intake into the engine. Being a 4T once it drains down around the rings it's in the case. Drain all the oil out. FIll it with fresh oil (or some swear by using tansmission fluid), run it for a few minutes, drain the oil, and repeat a couple times. Then fill it with your choice of oil and go ride (assuming there are no other problems). Your clutch should be fine, but if you are really concerned a new clutch pack will run you roughly 50$.
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Case is full of gasoline

Postby cornishwrecker220 » 07:53 am Nov 09 2017

Fuel that has been leaking into your engine regardless of it being a two or four stroke can seriously damage your engine , more so in a four stroke as it can cause hydraulic lock which can & will bend con rods ,Pistons & valves I hope you didn't try to start the bike ?
First fix the leak ( carb rebuild kit ) then drain the oil & fit a new oil filter ...fill up with a cheaper oil & run the bike for a few minutes till warm then drain & repeat the above ...check the drained oil for fuel deposits ...once there is no sign of fuel in the drained oil fill up with a decent oil & install a new filter.... You should be good to go. :grin:
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