To be expected..

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To be expected..

Postby Friedom » 03:13 pm May 15 2018

Some of you may recall that I put up my hopped up 'E' 200 DX for sale awhile back.
Well I didn't get any bites. Recently I took the plunge and purchased a carbon fiber DS helmet(Krios) to replace my $5 used mx helmet, and decided to take the old girl for a spin. "One last time", I told myself.
Had a few cups of older gas in it, hadn't rode in a month or two, had a fresh rear knobbie (tm2), so why not warm it up and flush it out?

So I went to get my haircut. Helmet head ftw.
Then I went to an old dirt track that got "blocked off" by a few mounds of dirt. Translation: gotta qualify to get in.
God this bike is great.
Practiced a few wheelies. Still pulls it up in third with a little finesse.
Weaved through some old routes, the helmet fits great, and I'll never get what this bike is worth, so I think I'll keep it and sell the other dual sport (dr350 overbored to a 441) which is great, but not nearly as fun as the DR.

Service announcement: don't buy a kdx. You may think you'll own it, but may find it the other way around.

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Re: To be expected..

Postby Jason » 04:39 pm May 15 2018

BRAAAP!! Keep on KDX'ing! :boogie: :bravo: :supz: :partyman:
Thank you, Julien D for all your hard work!

PLEASE! Do not "dip" PWK Keihin carbs in Berryman's to clean them! It will damage the internal o-ring (jet block gasket).
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