'86 KDX 200 carb options

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'86 KDX 200 carb options

Postby targetman » 03:23 am May 15 2018

RB has told me that there is no modifications available for my carburetor. What are my options? Can I install a new carburetor or a carburetor from another year bike?
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'86 KDX 200 carb options

Postby SS109 » 04:17 am May 15 2018

Yeah, I'm sure you could adapt a Keihin PWK on there. I'm sure it's been done. I think you need an '88 intake manifold and then you can bolt on a PWK35. Of course, you can make lots of different carbs work if you're willing to make the necessary adapters and such. I highly suggest reading through the air cooled section here on the forum to find what others have done: http://www.kdxrider.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=119
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Re: '86 KDX 200 carb options

Postby Jason » 10:17 am May 15 2018

Yes, look on parts diagrams to see the '88 boots. The 1988 carb is a PWK35 with the choke lever and air screw to go to the right side.
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PLEASE! Do not "dip" PWK Keihin carbs in Berryman's to clean them! It will damage the internal o-ring (jet block gasket).
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