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Riding boots

Postby dpagekdx220 » 04:24 pm Dec 09 2007

Can anybody recommend a good set of riding boots, I need a WIDE size.

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Postby thebleakness » 04:28 pm Dec 09 2007

Gearne SG-10s ftw. They've saved me feet so many times already, I wouldn't trade them for anything else. I'll get another pair when these finally wear through which isn't happening soon.
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Postby paceyman » 09:33 pm Dec 09 2007

If you are looking for wide, my size 10 SG10's are not wide enough for my 9.5w feet. I've run them for a year now and will sell them after the 1st of the year. Yes, they have saved me a few times and am thankful for having them on and will not ride without something as good. But I too am looking for something wider as well.
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