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Postby canyncarvr » 03:27 pm Dec 15 2006

Had another happy experience with Stabil last night.

Big storm. Got home. Power had been out for a couple of hours. Hauled out the generator. Noted with chagrin the masking-taped (wrinkly..dodgy workmanship indeed!) note of 1-05 on the fuel cap.

Time's fun when you're havin' flies! I would have guessed it had only been a year!! Two? Impossible!!

Turned on the fuel, gave the 10HP Tecumseh a couple of slow pulls just to get things moving.

It fired up on the second pull! By 'slow' I mean as little force as was necessary to get past the compression stroke. I had NO intention of even TRYING to start it at that point.

This a repeat, but I've seen SEVERAL times the crud left behind by old fuel..most of the time the fuel being 'only' a year old on my buddy's CB750K Honda. 'We' (meaning me) went through a couple of complete teardowns fixing his neglect before he finally took my advice to use Stabil.

This fuel was TWO years old..and the generator started and ran like a champ!

If you store engines without hibernating them, AT LEAST use Stabil!! It works!!

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Postby stringburner » 07:28 pm Dec 17 2006

I had almost a full tank of fuel before I tore everything down, and I didn't have anything else to use it in, so I did add Stabil to the tank, drained the carb, and cycled the engine w/ fogging oil. I'm glad to hear Stabil actually works.
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Postby Rick » 07:34 pm Dec 17 2006

I use it in my seadoos and my tractor every winter. Never had any problems.
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